Portable Vacuum Pickup Adapter Series 619 Model 25

Rail-Kart™ Portable Vacuum Pickup Adapter
Series 619 Model 25

Vacuum unload dry bulk materials from trucks and rail cars

The Rail-Kart portable vacuum pickup adapter Series 619 Model 25 was specifically designed for unloading dry bulk solids from hopper bottom rail cars or trucks. The Rail-Kart adapter makes it much easier for a single operator to make what would otherwise be a very difficult connection between a hopper below and the rail car or truck. Often the rail car or truck will have a ground clearance lower than normally desirable, making it especially difficult when trying to make a dust-tight connection between the outlet of the rail car or truck and the process below.

The low profile of the Rail-Kart adapter makes it easier to maneuver into position below the outlet of a rail car or truck, without ever having to get underneath.This makes it safer and less work for plant personnel. Also, because the Rail-Kart adapter has four heavy-duty caster wheels, it moves with minimal effort. After the Rail-Kart adapter is moved into position, two heavy-duty air operated lifting cylinders produce the neces­sary lifting force to make a proper seal to the rail car or truck outlet. In addition, as the rail car or truck empties and starts to rise upward, a constant pressure exerted by the Rail-Kart adapter's air operated cylinders move upward with the rail car or truck, so the seal is never compromised. Quick disconnect hose connections are provided with a full bore and a smooth internal diameter, void of any leading edges. As a result, material movement through the pneumatic conveying process is maximized and material degradation is minimized.


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