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High Precision Air-Activated Feeder

Series 126

Dyna-Slide Air Activated Feeder High Precision Series 126

Ideal for weighing and batching

The Dyna-Slide high precision air-activated feeder with "dribble feed control" will provide up to a 100:1 turndown ratio, when feeding most fine (30 mesh to sub-micron) fluidizable powders and granules. In addition, it has completely variable feed rates from as low as a few grams per minute to hundreds of pounds per minute. The Dyna-Slide high precision feeder is ideally suited for weighing and batching or other processes where close, high tolerance feed rates are required.

Conveys fine dry granular materials

The Dyna-Slide high precision air-activated feeder efficiently combines low pressure compressed air and gravity to fluidize and convey most fine dry granular materials. The low profile design is totally enclosed and dust-free, making it perfect for conveying from silos to weigh scales, hoppers to weigh scales and/or feeding from multiple discharge points to mixers. The high energy efficiency and ease of installation contribute to a cost effective solution to conveying even over long distances. And, because there are so few moving parts in the material flow, wear is minimized. This results in much longer equipment life and less maintenance.

  • Variable feed rate
  • Up to 100:1 turndown ratio
  • Dribble feed control
  • Air operated
  • Low cost
  • Uses low pressure air
  • Conveys fine powders
  • No moving parts
  • Simple installation
  • Quiet operation
  • Enclosed, dust-tight
  • Low energy consumption